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Renovated Office

Commercial Service

Commercial Photography

Shots of Modern excels in commercial photography, capturing the unique essence of businesses. Expert photographers showcase distinct features, collaborating closely with clients to craft a narrative for each brand. With a strategic approach, Shots of Modern enhances visual representation, transforming commercial spaces into compelling stories that set businesses apart in the market.

Modern Office with Cityscape

Order Real Estate Photography

Aerial Package

10-15 HD Aerial Images

15-20 HD Images

Copy of Images with Lot Lines

24 Hr Turnaround

Free Sky Replacements

Aerial + Video Package

0-2200 Sq Ft

Copy Of Images With Lot Lines

1 Minute Aerial Footage

24 Hr Turnaround

Free Sky Replacements

Aerial + Ground Package

10-15 HD Aerial Images

15 HD Images

Copy of Images with Lot Lines

24 Hr Turnaround

Free Sky Replacements


Virtual Staging

Per Image

High-Quality Furniture Staging with hundreds of decor styles and options to best suit your space

Twilight Photography

Virtual Twilight

2 HD Images

Real Twilight

5 HD Images

Horizontal Video

2 Minute Video

This selection is meant for listing websites. Fully edited cinematic video including music and transitions.

Drone Video

Up To 1 Minute

Edited High-Quality Aerial Footage With Music

Marketing Kit

Social Media Templates and Custom public URL

A customized live website along with plenty of tailored social media templates and videos to make you a pro at posting!

Site Plan

Precise scaled rendering of the property's layout

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